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I’m no one special. I’ve never played in a band, and I’m not a professional musician.

But as someone who has worked directly with some of the top guitar teachers on the planet, I can tell you a thing or two about how to get to that next level on guitar more quickly than you would have ever guessed ...

... about what’s a true shortcut and what’s just an empty gimmick.

I know what works and what doesn’t. I’ve seen a whole lot of the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

It’s been a decade-long journey that’s led me to help hundreds of thousands of guitarists all over the world move closer to their playing dreams.

And if I’ve learned anything, it’s this …

… Most of us have certain skepticisms, misconceptions and fears baked in since birth that are holding us back — for no valid reason.

Let’s take them briefly one at a time ...

Skepticism: That we can even learn this amazing instrument! (“Who, me? I don’t have a musical bone in my body.”)

Misconception: That inherent talent is required to rip on guitar. It’s NOT. The “talent myth” has so well-debunked in recent years with scientific studies, books and TED Talks, that I won’t bother to spend any time on it here. If you’re skeptical, just go look up Jimi Hendrix’s life story sometime. See how hard HE worked at his craft long before he was blowing minds and changing the world. He was anything but an overnight sensation. Know this: Guitarists aren’t born. They’re made.

Fear: Of not being good enough … of public ridicule … of trusting your own creative instincts.  

On and on. Pure nonsense, all of it.
None of These Self-Protective Defense Mechanisms Serve Us Anymore … 

And yet we’re still a slave to them, day by day … sometimes hour by hour.

Some of these — such as the fear of standing apart from the herd — have been baked in over hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution. Others are just tragically drilled into us since childhood.

But let's not get caught up in "Why."   Instead, let’s just FIX IT, pronto, so that you can start mastering guitar NOW … 

The following are things I’ve seen from having tens of thousands of guitar students go through our various programs. Since we’re constantly looking to improve things, we hear from our students and take notes.

So here, then, is ...
How to Ignore the Wishes and Opinions of Everyone Else (Not to Mention the Voices Inside Your Head) to Achieve Any Guitar Dream You May Currently Have, Starting Right Now ... 
No. 1.  Stop Practicing What You Can Already Play
I see it all the time ...

… Practicing what you already know how to play is one of the biggest mistakes that beginners make. 

If you sit down and only play the stuff you know, you're going to just spin your wheels. 
You MUST forge ahead. You MUST evolve. 

Sure, it's okay if you want to run through something familiar as a warm-up, but make no mistake — if you want to reach your playing goal, then you gotta hit the gas to push that train down the tracks.

Look, I personally will NEVER get tired of hearing the classic song, “Have You Ever Seen the Rain,” but if you are still playing this song when you already have it down cold … and you’re STILL calling that “practice," then you're not making progress. 

If you’re not failing, you’re not trying. (Did you know that studies have shown that babies who stumble and fall more often actually walk sooner than other babies?  Falls into the "duh" category, perhaps, but deserves mention nonetheless.)

Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s give you some more tough love …

… make sure you learn COMPLETE songs.  

Commit to FINISHING things.  

I can’t tell you how many students we see who only learn bits and pieces of songs, and then trail off after several bars. Or they learn to nail a certain riff … and then fall in love with some other part of a song they heard and then go and learn that.

Stop noodling. Start finishing.
No. 2.  Attack The necessary skills you know you need (but have been avoiding because you’re scared as hell of them)
Look, I get it ...

... we all like to do stuff we're already good at.

But you simply can't put off — or worse, ignore — the crucial skills you'll need to advance on guitar.

Let me give you a quick example.

I love this story because it illustrates the difference between a useful shortcut ... and a gimmicky hack.

Knowing the difference can make all the difference in your guitar journey.

A while back, we received an email:
We had a solution for Rachel that’s a highly effective, little-known secret.  

In fact, it’s so simple that you might laugh when you see it.

(Btw, there’s a important lesson in this story whether bar chords are an issue for you or not.)

First of all, bar chords: I don’t care whether you spell it “barre” or “bar,” if you’re like a lot of people, they are the first major hurdle you will encounter in advancing your guitar skills.  

I won’t lie to you. No one nails them first time out. EVERYONE struggles with them at first.

In fact, they just might be the single biggest reason that people get discouraged and consider quitting altogether.
Now you COULD take the gimmicky hack route ...

... and AVOID playing bar chords altogether by playing power chords instead.  (A power chord is comprised of two or three notes whereas bar chords have five to six.)  

Now don't get me wrong: Practicing power chords is a nice way to work up to bar chords. 

But make no mistake: They are not bar chords.

A more legitimate shortcut is the ninja move I mentioned a few sentences back. What is it?  

Well, once you learn the simple technique I'm about to give you, you'll stop worrying about them and just get on with the business of playing.

And by the way, there's a lot of experienced players who don't don't even know the trick I'm about to tell you, so pay attention ...

If you are having trouble getting your bars to sound clear and clean, or if you think your fingers are too small or that your hands just not strong enough to get a good bar, then try this:

Forget about your hands and use your ARMS instead.

Let me explain …

Our lead instructor Marty had a student who was a skinny little kid. She had small hands and in every way was a typical 8-year-old girl.

But while many big strong guys ask us all the time how to play bar chords, this little kid had no problem playing barre chords.

How did she do it? She knew instinctively to use her ARM STRENGTH to hold down a bar instead of her hand.

Briefly, here's how you do that . . . 

To hold down a bar, pull the guitar hard against your chest with both arms, almost as if you were trying to break the guitar in half.

Don't use your thumb and fingers to squeeze the guitar neck. Those thumb muscles are relatively weak and will get fatigued pretty quick. But your arm muscles are strong and won't tire easily. You're also using shoulder and trunk muscles with your body weight.

So your thumb is just there to stabilize the left hand. You should almost be able to play the barre chord without your thumb at all.

Now there’s a little bit more to this, not to mention some other tips that can make playing bar chords a snap, but just know that you can shortcut this technique by using LEVERAGE. This is one of those little (yet BIG) concepts that can help your guitar playing immensely.

Bottom line:  Go for the useful shortcut over the gimmicky hack, every time.
Now There's Just ONE More Thing You Need to Make Sure You Don't Stay a "Beginner" for Very Long ...
We're almost done.  There's just one more thing you need make sure happens early on during your guitar journey.

If you do THIS, there will be no stopping you, trust me.

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