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Even now, at 82 years old, if I don't learn something every day on guitar, you know what I think? It's a day lost.
— B.B. King
A while back, I heard an amazing story from one of our students.

His name was Matt. He lived in Oregon. He started off with a Martin because he wanted to play like Jack Johnson.

Despite having never picked up a guitar before, Matt accomplished what many guitarists would kill for but never actually get around to doing:
  •  He was riveted, focused and excited from his very first lesson.
  •  He found an easy way to simplify things.
  •  He found the perfect teacher … (for HIM).
  •  (Then he bought a Strat and never looked back :-)
  •  He learned how to use digital effects, plus a wah pedal.
  •  He recorded his first project with a live amp (he also built is own pedalboard).
  •  He got into a band and they scored gigs.

<= Here is a picture of Matt with his band (admittedly not a great pic, but who cares — he's rocking on stage!)
And today? Today Matt is a musician, songwriter and producer with an original album to his credit.

And get this: Matt did all this while having a family and a busy day job … 

… and with having only 30 minutes to spare each day to practice.

Most importantly, Matt LOOOOVES guitar like nothing else in his life and looks forward to it with a zeal and passion that make for a truly happy and creative life. (In one of his videos, he talks about how he can’t wait to put his kids to bed so that he can play guitar for his 30 minutes.)
Seriously, does it get any better than that? 

Isn’t this what we’re all looking for, pretty much, on some level?
Matt, you see, uses what I call The Lodestar Principle.

Lodestar: a star that is used to guide the course of a ship.
Let’s look at what Matt did so that you can reach YOUR guitar goal, whatever that may be …

He found a teacher he resonated with …

... and then he followed that one teacher to his ultimate destination the way a jetliner uses autopilot GPS: reliably, safely and with small, automatic course corrections that guaranteed his success even if he veered slightly off course here and there.

Simply put, Matt found success on guitar because he focused his precious attention on ONE source of instruction.
And This Actually Leads Us To The Big Secret I Promised Earlier ... It’s this:   
Get Off YouTube
Yes, YOU!
I’m serious. 

It’s actually HINDERING your progress on guitar. (I’ll tell you how in a second.)

Look, YouTube is Fool’s Gold for guitar players.

There, I said it.

And believe me, I know what you’re thinking …
“Tim, wait … you just told me you’ve helped millions of guitarists with your YouTube videos … and now you’re telling me they’re BAD?”
Let me explain. This is important. 

 I’m going to pull back the curtain on the the whole guitar instruction industry so that you can leverage it to YOUR best benefit and not Google’s (which owns YouTube as you probably know).

Here’s the deal …

Yes, I realize you most likely found this page through YouTube ...

… but never forget that YouTube has ONE goal in mind when you’re watching its videos.  

And that goal is this: Keep everyone glued to the platform.  
(It’s called “stick rate.” They want your stick rate to stay as high as possible so that all of a sudden it’s 1 a.m. and you realize you need to go to bed before you watch one more prank video.) 

The reason is simple:

The longer you stay on YouTube, the more ads they can show you … 

… which means the more videos you watch, the higher the chance you’ll eventually click on an ad …

… and the more ads you click on, the more revenue they make.

Are you starting to get the picture? And so it goes.

I mean, think about it …

Ever wonder why the right side of your screen shows you a bunch of “Related Videos You Might Like”?

Or why a NEW video immediately starts auto-playing after your current video finishes playing?  
Helpful side note: You can turn this off with a single setting, btw.

Look for this in the upper right hand corner when you’re on YouTube:
And then switch it to this:
Congrats. You just gained more control and focus with just one click. That alone will speed your guitar learning. (You’re welcome :-)

The only way to get OFF the YouTube advertising hamster wheel is to subscribe to their paid-only “YouTube Red” service. At $9 per month, they can continue to make money off you even without showing you ads.  

So they’re covered either way. Pretty smart, right?

Well, FOR THEM, anyway.
And it’s all fine and good …

… I mean, I don’t blame Google. This is business, and they have a right to turn a profit, like anyone else.

But know this: YouTube is SLOWING your progress on guitar, not speeding it!
Here Are 3 Ways YouTube Is Keeping You From Reaching Your Guitar Goals:   
  •  You have to sift through countless hours of — let's be honest — useless videos that are sitting out there.  All the constant clicking and sorting — who needs it?! Wouldn't you rather be playing guitar than waiting to see a box that says, "SKIP AD”?
  •  And even if you DO find something that looks good — from a high quality teacher and not just some dude showing off (happens alllll the time) — how do you know it’s something YOU should be learning? Example: You could spend an entire day learning tremolo picking, but if you haven’t already mastered basic strumming and picking techniques, well, you’ve just lost an entire day.
  •  YouTube can give you pieces but not a ROADMAP.  Sure, you can learn a piece here and there, but don't you want to become a COMPLETE player?
I could go on, but let me put it this way …

Gee, how in the world did Jimi Hendrix ever become such a wizard on guitar without YouTube? It’s a miracle! Or about Clapton? Or EVH? Or Stevie Ray?

I think you get the point.

One more point because I realize as someone who has posted thousands of videos myself, this all might sound like the drug dealer advising you to “Just Say No," but the simple fact is that we here at Guitar Jamz use our YouTube videos differently than everyone else.

Rather than advise people to go to YouTube and “have at it” like it’s some sort of all-you-can-eat buffet, we actually use our videos in a very focused, strategic way to get our students into the exact, specific instruction they need. Instruction that’s right for THEM.

Because here’s the thing: 

When you’re given the right instruction at the right time, you flatten your learning curve and everything becomes seamless and easier.  

No more endless searching ...
No more guessing at keywords ...
No more information overload ...
No more annoying ads ...
No more automatic redirects to videos you DON'T want …

Nope.  Just the EXACT thing you’re ready for ... at the right time.
So now that I’ve told you what DOESN’T work, let’s move on to what DOES ...
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